Build Your Own Truck

Build Your Own Truck

Build Your Own TruckIf you have decided to Build Your Own Truck, you must be prepared for hours of fun and hard work. There is a great deal of expertise required, some of the work to be done will need to be done by experienced builder or at least guided by an expert in certain fields, such as transmissions or electrical work.

Most of the work involved can be completed by an experienced mechanic but there will be times that someone with specialized knowledge will be helpful.

Let’s assume that you have the experience and between you and your friends that you have the experts available.

You will still need a fair bit of money, this is not going to be cheap, and you need the tools, and then you are going to need the materials to customize both the body and the mechanical parts.

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Depending on what type of truck you want to build the parts you need may need custom order or make certain parts.

If this is all been taken care of you still need a place to make the truck, depending on the size of the truck, an attached garage to your home probably won’t cut it, it won’t be large enough or tall enough. When you know where you are going to build it, you still need to have the funds to complete the job.

These detractors are not meant to discourage you, on the contrary, they are meant to ensure that you know what you are getting into, because often when a project like this is started, it can become an obsession.

And there is little worse than being obsessed with a project, only to be unable to finish it.


All this being said, you now have to decide how you are going to build your truck, what chassis you are going to use, what style of truck, a pick-up, a monster truck, perhaps even a utility truck for use with work, maybe a truck to go into the deep bush with.

All these and more are now in the realm of possibility, since you are looking at designing and building your own truck. The plans for your truck are also required, these can actually help you to decide what type you are going to build, some designs are available online or through different clubs. There are many that will start with a chassis and then they will design the body, interior and all other components. There are even kits available that supply all the parts and chassis even the engine.

The kits are great if you are mechanically inclined but not an automotive mechanic. They give you all the parts and most give very detailed directions and some even give you a help number, so that if you are having a problem, they will help to talk you through it.


Build Your Own Truck Truck Design

If you wish to design your own truck from the chassis up, it is best that you have a CAD program to help you. The advantage with a CAD is that it will list all dimensions and some of them will list all the small parts, like screws and clips etc, although these are quite specialized and expensive.

Even the cheap or free CAD programs can ensure that your dimensions are correct so that when you work on the body you know how much metal or fiberglass you will need, or how many feet of wire you are going to need to have for the electrical systems.

An experienced builder may be able to picture in their minds what they want the finished product to look like, however for most of us, although we may know what we want it to look like, we need the dimensions on paper to build it properly.


Build Your Own Truck  Exterior

The exterior of the truck can possibly be one of the most important parts of a truck that you built yourself. The color scheme, fairings, lights, chrome or no chrome, tinted windows or not, pin striping, under body finishing, chrome exhaust, painted gas tank, where the exhaust comes out of the truck, from under the bed or up behind the cab.

These are all features that can make your truck stand out. Part of the decision is going to be what purpose is the truck to serve.

If you are going to take it off road and into bush, you may not want to have chrome exhaust or gas tank, likewise if you are going to use it and enter shows, you may want all the chrome and “bling” that will fit on the truck, as well as different lights for use off road or street use.

Lights for showing off your truck can be very important in shows, under carriage lights, often these are LED or florescent and can really show off the truck. If using it off road you will probably want to have fog lights and roof lights mounted, and if going into bush you will probably want to have guards put on them to protect them from damage.

Likewise, if you are going to take it into the brush you may want to attach brush guards to the front and possibly a skid plate to protect the differential and under carriage.


The Interior

The interior of the truck is also important to what the truck says about you. Do you want an interior that is show and flash or do you want it functional.

Maybe you want a little of both. If you are going to enter it in show contests then often you will go for the show, you may want to design custom seats, something totally different but not so functional. If it is for everyday use then you will probably want seats that are comfortable, you want a good clear field of view.

The mirrors are going to need to be functional likewise the controls need to be accessible and many will need to be in the proper location, gas pedal on the right for North America for example, turn signals on the left side of the column. These little things can help or prevent the truck from getting licensed for use on roads.

Building Your Own Truck can be a very rewarding pastime, but just be prepared with tools and knowledge and funding.

Once you have the required funding and knowledge, it is quite easy to build your own truck. In fact, you will be happy that you chose to do this.

When it is properly planned and executed, the finished product will be something you will be proud to display and drive.