Build Your Own Toy Truck

Can You Build Your Own Toy Truck ?


Toy Truck

Toy Truck

Most of us are familiar with RC toys.  They can do all sorts of stunts and are controlled with battery powered engines and remotes.

However, did you ever wonder if you can actually build your own toy truck?  You’ll be able to design the truck with the look you want and with all the features that you’re looking for.

So how do you go about it if you want to build your own truck for fun?  First you start the chassis.  This is basically the skeleton of your truck.  This is basically the body so it’s best to start out here so you can fill in all the details as you progress with your truck.

You can think about how you want the body to be.  You can choose from different materials such as wood, plastic, and metal.  The different material will define how light the truck will be which will also correspond to how it moves when you control it.

The next step is to build a remote control unit.  This is not an easy feat although you can do it yourself.  Many people go ahead and buy a built kit and simply install it into their toy truck.  If you want to build your own truck, it’s recommended you go with prebuilt kits in order to make your life easier.

The truck will be operated with a motor and batteries.  For the batteries, you will want to go with rechargeable ones since you’ll be using the toy truck quite a bit.  Usually batteries for RC toys run between 9-12 volts as they require more power than the average electronic device.

For the motors, you can go with a DC motor.  When buying a motor you can choose between ones that have high RPM to ones that have average RPM.  This will obviously define the acceleration and sustain of the speed.  These motors can be bought by looking to a merchant that is knowledgeable about building your own RC toy.

Finally, you will have to bring it all together with the wheels.  You have many choices when it comes to wheels.  Many RC toys use the back to accelerate and the front to control the direction.  There are also different wheels you can choose from in terms of how big you want them.  Some of these wheels will only be suited for smooth terrain while others will be able to handle rougher terrain.

While it may take some time to complete your truck, you can make it easy by building it one step at a time.  You also want to look at your options and see what you have available so you have a plan to follow.  You don’t want to end up buying a part and realizing that it’s not what you ultimately wanted.

With a plan, you can start piecing together everything.  So that’s a quick overview on how to build your own toy truck for fun.

This is a really fun hobby and you can come up with some amazing creations.

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