Build Your Own Truck Camper

Build Your Own Truck Camper | Build Your Own Truck


Is it possible to build your own truck camper ?  Just one look at a truck camper can engulf you with a massive sense of adventure. The open road calls and the great open spaces and campsites beckon you with open arms. It’s a heady and wonderful feeling.

A truck camper is very convenient; you can stop anywhere, sleep in it, and roam the land with it as your and your family’s constant companion. To do that, you must own a robust camper that will take on the road and the highways.


Here’s a guide on how to build your own truck camper


Build Your Own Truck Camper1. Aluminum and steel bars can make a solid camper. These metals are lightweight, very strong, and can last for long. You can bend, twist, shape, roll, and cut them into any shape or size. Now the question is how much quantity of these materials will you need to build your own truck camper? Well, it depends on how you’ve designed your truck camper and how big do you want it to be.

You ideally want a bed, a kitchen, space for kitchen equipment, a small dining area, small lounge, mattress storage space, etc.

If you want to know exactly how much material you need, visit a truck camper plan website and it will help you understand the quantity and know about the other materials and tools as well. Remember, you have to buy enough material for the sides and the roof.


2. Now that you know how much material you need, buy it and start cutting and welding per your plan. If you have not created a diagram of the camper, then you must create one. Else, buy a ready plan from a truck camper plans website.

The best campers on the highways are the ones that are simple and basic. To build your own truck camper, you can make or choose a very simple plan that has four vertical supports on each corner, horizontal supports and perpendicular supports (all steel bars). Ensure that the roof is well supported as well. If you cannot cut and weld, hire professional help or outsource the job.


3. OK, now it’s time to build your own truck camper. You have the support posts and the sides and the roof all ready. We’re assuming that you have cut the material and have created the sides and the roof. Weld the 4 vertical support posts into the right places on your vehicle and secure these adequately.

Install the perpendicular and horizontal supports all across the frame and then install the aluminum sheet on the sides and on the roof. Weld everything together, rivet it in place, use adhesive wherever necessary, and ensure everything’s secured nicely.

If you are not an engineer and if you do not have any experience in building truck campers, then as mentioned upstairs, open up a truck camper plans website and buy an instruction set.


4. Now create the windows by cutting the metal sheet. Buy window frames for truck campers and plug them into the cut spaces.


5. Install a rear and front wall so that your camper is protected from the elements. This should be easy to do by now as you have already learned how to build your own truck camper. Just cut the metal and solder it on. Use rivets and adhesive as necessary.


6. Are you planning to take your camper out in the rains? If yes, waterproof it.


Well, this was a basic tutorial on how to build your own truck camper. If you need detailed guidance, open up a truck camper plans website and choose a design and buy the instructions manual for a few bucks. Happy camping, and be seeing you out there!

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