Truck Games

Truck Games Offer Fun for the Whole Family


From kids to adults, there are plenty of truck games out there that everyone can enjoy. These truck games can range from distance games and can include racing and titles that focus on demolishing objects such as in monster truck games. It is with all this in mind you will want to take a moment to look over some of the choices you will have for these games.


Free Truck Games

One of the nice things is that the internet does offer quite a few titles that you can choose from that are free for both kids and adults to play. These titles tend to have simple graphics and the games will usually give you hours of entertainment. From big rigs to monster truck games these free titles can truly vary. Take a moment to look over some of these great titles.


American Tow Truck Driver


In this game, you drive the streets of America towing cars as needed. This game does go against a clock and a certain number of points that you will need to have to make it to the next level. For those looking for a game that focuses on tow trucks, this game will deliver.


Monster Truck Trip 2


This is one of the monster truck games you will find. In this title, you are going to be performing tasks, such as crushing cars and racing to earn the funds to upgrade your monster truck into the ultimate demolishing machine. Keep in mind that there are additional tasks to do and this game can provide you with hours of entertainment.


Monster Truck Destroyer


This is another option you will have for your truck games. In this title, you are playing in the side scrolling format. The goal of the game is to use your monster trucks to destroy items and to make an impact.


Paid Truck Games

While you can find plenty of them online for free, you will also find that there are paid choices you can pick up as well. Most of these titles can be picked up at your favorite video game retailer or online through websites like Amazon and Game Stop.

Take a few moments to consider some of these titles that include a wide variety of truck games…


Monster Jam 3: Path of Destruction Nintendo Wii/PlayStation 3 $39.99


This is one of the monster truck games you will find that is based off the popular monster trucks you can catch in arenas. The game plays out like a standard event where you have crowds of people coming to see the show that you have set to put on. Best of all, you can create your own vehicles as well.


18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker PC/PC Download $19.99


The goal in this game is to take your attached load through extreme circumstances and deliver it to the final destination unharmed. This gives you a firsthand trucking experience on the computer that will be similar in a sense to what you will find in the real world.


Excite Truck Nintendo Wii $49.99


This is one of the truck games you will find that focuses on racing. In it, you will race and jump your trucks across a track and try to become the first person to cross the finish line. Since there can be multiple players, it is a great choice for those looking for a group game that focuses on having trucks to play.

What you will discover is that there are plenty of options out there that will have you playing some of the top trucking games around.

Take the time to explore some of the titles listed and browse some of the different consoles out there as each will offer its own unique selection of truck games.

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