Truck Paper

What is the Truck Paper ?

If you’re like most truck lovers, being able to get your hands on the best truck available, locally, nationally, and even internationally, for the best price is your ultimate goal.

The problem, however, for most people is knowing exactly how to do that.

Well, Truck Paper solves the problem for everyone. In case you didn’t know, Truck Paper is the most circulated publication for the exclusive purpose of buying and selling heavy trucks, trailers, and equipment, both new and used.

But great thing about Truck Paper is that unlike most publications:


All of the pictures are nice and big: We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s absolutely nothing worse than to get interested in a certain truck or piece of equipment and not be able to get a good view of what’s being sold.

You see it all the time: You log onto a website or even have the actual print version of the publication sitting right in your hand and the picture that’s “suppose” to convince you to purchase it is too small to see with your naked eye. Instead, you need a magnifying glass.

Truck Paper is different. With this unique publication, all of the pictures are clear, colorful, nice and big enough for you to get a good view of what’s being sold to help you decide for sure if what you’re considering is actually worth it.

In addition to that, with Paper Truck:

You have access to a huge database: Ever seen a serial female shop for clothes or any other thing that women purchase? Well, with Paper Truck, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven because the database and listings of trucks and equipment for sale is one of the largest on the planet.

Yes, inside of this database are literally thousands of the best deals around for heavy trucks and even equipment to build your own truck if that’s what you really want to do.

And get this: Once you see something you like:


Contacting dealers is easy as 1-2-3: It goes without saying that once you’re ready to make a move, then you’re ready to do business as soon as possible.

Well, with Truck Paper, the contact information for dealers of heavy trucks and trailers is easy to find, so you don’t have to worry about having to scramble and search high and low for contact information, and still end up with nothing.

But if you’re a seller,

Advertising is a piece of cake too: There’s no secret that the absolute best way to make a sales is by getting the word out. Heck, you can “try” to sell something all day long, but if no one knows what you’re selling, chances are that it won’t get sold. At least not as fast as it should.

Truck Paper provides sellers with a platform to sell their trucks and equipment with exposure that’s unparallel to most in the industry.

The bottom line is that Truck Paper is a one-stop shop for buying and selling heavy trucks, trailers, and equipment.



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